Minneapolis DWI Attorney

If you have recently been charged with a DWI (driving while impaired) in Minneapolis, the good news is that an experienced attorney can make a big difference in how your case is handled.

DWI cases can be quite complicated and may involve many different legal issues. A DWI conviction can have a significant effect on your life, especially if you rely on your ability to drive for your job. Because of the many issues that may arise in a DWI case, and due to the potentially long-term consequences, the advice of a qualified Minneapolis criminal defense attorney is important.

I have represented hundreds of clients facing DWI charges in Hennepin County, and I can help you obtain the best results possible in your case.

Depending on the specific facts in your case, I may be able to have your charges reduced or even dismissed. If that’s not a possibility in your case, there is still a lot I can do for you. I can:

  • File an Implied Consent Petition on your behalf and request that your driver’s license be reinstated as quickly as possible.
  • Eliminate the need for formal probation, reduce the length of probation, or reduce the intensity of supervision.
  • Work to have your fines reduced.

Most of my first-time DWI clients in Minneapolis or elsewhere in Hennepin County do not end up serving any jail time. In the case of a second- or third-time DWI charge, a good attorney can often secure electronic home monitoring as a jail alternative.

Two Parts of DWI: the Civil Driver’s License Revocation Case, and the Criminal Court Case

You should know that there are two parts to a DWI case in Minnesota: the criminal case, which relates to your DWI charges and involves jail, fines and probation; and the civil case, which relates to driver’s license revocation and license-plate impoundment.

The good news about getting a DWI in Minneapolis is that Hennepin County District Court will often reinstate your driver’s license during the pendency of your DWI case in criminal court if you file an Implied Consent petition within 30 days of your driver’s license revocation. Generally, DWI cases take three to six months to resolve in criminal court, so it can be very helpful for my clients to be able to get their license reinstated while their criminal case is pending. This means you can drive to work, get to court, and keep your life on track while working on a positive resolution to your DWI case.

Don't panic. DWI law may be very complex, but as an attorney with lots of experience defending Minneapolis cases, I can help you resolve your case and take the confusion out of the process. My job is to help you get your life back on track.

Call me or text me at (612) 730-1738 and let’s get started.

What one of our clients had to say:

“Mr. Johnson is a real hard worker. He got my charges dismissed. I will recommend him and his law firm to anyone looking for a good attorney.”

-David N.
Criminal Defense Client