Minneapolis Drug Sale and Possession Attorney

If you have been charged with drug possession or sale in Minneapolis or elsewhere in Hennepin County, it’s important that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. The good news for you is that a lot can be done to minimize the impact of drug charges on your life. This is especially true if this is your first time being charged with a drug offense.

Even in cases where the admissible evidence against a defendant is significant, I am often able to help my clients avoid a felony conviction or lengthy jail time. In lower-level first-time offenses, an experienced defense attorney like myself can connect you with treatment and other programming options that can pave the way for a better outcome in court. In first-time cases, one can also negotiate for alternatives to jail, including probation, community service, treatment, Drug Court, and other supervised options.

Having a felony conviction on your record can be a life-changing event. I have been able to help nearly all of my clients facing first-time felony-level drug charges avoid having a felony drug conviction on their record. Avoiding a felony conviction is a very important step in helping my clients preserve their future employment and housing options.

If you have been charged with a major drug crime in Hennepin County, or if this is not your first offense, you are likely facing very serious potential consequences above and beyond your criminal record. A first- or second-degree drug charge will carry a significant presumptive prison sentence. (Presumptive sentences provide a starting point for the judge at sentencing, if you are convicted.)

In these first- and second-degree drug cases, a defendant’s constitutional rights are paramount. The Fourth Amendment, which protects a defendant from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government, is almost always at the heart of the defense attorney’s work in these serious cases. It is critical that the defendant take the requisite time to review the actions of the government in their case to evaluate whether potential evidence can be suppressed. If you have been charged with first- or second-degree drug sale or possession, I urge you to contact me today to discuss your case and make sure that your rights are being protected as your case moves forward.

Different types of drug charges in Minnesota

Minnesota criminal laws set out a variety of drug-related charges, and the type of charge you may face depends on the particular circumstances of your arrest, the facts of your case, and the evidence a prosecutor may have that a drug crime occurred. Some charges include the following:

  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell or deliver
  • Sale of a controlled substance

The level of the charge depends on the severity of your case, and ranges from fifth-degree charges (the least serious) to first-degree charges (the most serious).

Penalties for drug convictions in Minnesota

The potential penalties for drug-related convictions in Minneapolis and elsewhere in Minnesota can vary widely based on the charge, the specific facts of the case, and the defendants’ criminal history. In higher-level cases, defendants may be facing mandatory minimum jail or prison sentences. Vehicle forfeiture is often at issue in felony drug cases if the drugs were found in a vehicle or the situation involved a vehicle in some other way. Mandatory minimum sentences could also be at play in the event that firearms were found in proximity to the drugs.

Call an experienced Minneapolis drug possession and sale defense attorney for help with your case

Whether you are facing charges of drug possession, possession with intent to deliver, or selling drugs, your first call should be to my office so that we can begin crafting an aggressive defense strategy for your case. I have the experience and resources necessary to successfully handle drug-related cases, so please call my office at 612-730-1738 for assistance today.

What one of our clients had to say:

“Josh was very friendly and down to earth right from the start. He explained things clearly and thoroughly, and always kept me at ease. He was able to expedite my case sooner than expected, and with a very favorable outcome. My family and I are very grateful!”

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